We create custom music for TV, Internet, Radio & Social Media Ads. From music composition to talent sourcing, recording and mixing & mastering, NIW music  creates all your ad needs to deliver premium overall experience to your audience.

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From tracking voice-over talent to recording singers and/or instruments, our studio has you covered. Our mixing and mastering engineers are top notch and ensure your finished product is of premium quality

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Tv & Film

We compose and source music for TV & Film projects. We provide music supervision and composition services. We also have capabilities for full audio editing. We ensure the music is compatible with the visuals and triggers the intended emotions.

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Music Production

We partner with you to produce epic music. We focus on building up songs, optimizing lyrics and arrangements as well collaborating with you to determine the best creative direction so that sonically, your song is truly enjoyable

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Need music?

Please contact us for free consultation. We look forward to creating epic sounds for you!