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  • Music Experts & Composers
  • Creative Directors
  • Fully Equipped Recording Studio
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  • World Class Sound Engineers and Music Producers

Our Approach

At NIW Music, we believe music should speak to all your senses so we focus on providing premium sound quality, great lyrics, and epic music.

Our process begins with understanding your vision and the scope of your project. With this knowledge, we are able to asses your musical needs and create a package that is perfect for you.

Our clients are welcome to be as integrated or separated from the creative process as they please. Regardless, our goal is always to deliver consistent premium quality products with great customer service.


Our Story

NIW Music Inc was established in 2013 to create music with a purpose. We know music can make or break any project and we are unapologetic about getting it right for each and every client

Our studio is located in Frisco, Tx. Over the years we have been fortunate to work with amazing brands, agencies, labels and recording artists.

As always, NIW Music Inc is focused on delivering the great quality work our clients have come to expect.  With our expertise, tools and efficiency, we will continue to be your one-stop custom music shop.


Need Music?

Please contact us for free consultation. We look forward to creating epic sounds for you!